Two posts in two days – BIG TIME

One of the reasons to miss Steamboat. My old running path.

One of the reasons to miss Steamboat. My old running path. Love the emphasis on “very.”

*Editor’s top note: Have you heard of cellulose? It is in a lot of our food AND all of our paper. If you are one of those granola, weird-o, hippees who care about what goes in their food, read this article. I am going to throw away all shredded cheese in my aunt and uncle’s house as soon as I get home.

Hello, again. Yesterday’s post led my Memaw to call me three times at work and ask my psychiatric nurse practitioner aunt to be on suicide watch. Additionally, it left my mother crying in front of the computer screen. Not my intentions. It also led to a lot of outpouring of support and relation from a lot of people. My intentions. There is a power in the relation from vulnerability. The older I get the more I am affirmed we have to be open and vulnerable with each other. It breaks down enormous walls and leads to connection, compassion, understanding and love. How resplendent.

So to appease the concerned readers and help with perspective, I am using my blogging power to declare every Thursday from this point forward Thankful Thursday. #ThankfulThursday if you will. Because despite potential criticism I am a sucker for lame hashtags and alliteration. On this Thursday, here is what I am grateful for:

  • The ability to ride my bike to and from work.
  • Coffee and blueberries every morning.
  • Being able to work in a climate controlled office stocked with snacks and beverages.
  • The people who love and support me.
  • Sunshine. I have been on the Front Range for almost a month and only once have I walked outside in the morn to clouds. I was SO offended the Sun let me down. Perspective.
  • Connection.

What are you thankful for today? It is imperative to think about.