This is a view of San Francisco from the top of a Berkeley bike climb. I live in Berkeley, Calif. now. I know. Crazy.

This is a view of San Francisco from the top of a Berkeley bike climb. I live in Berkeley, Calif. now. I know. Crazy.

Greetings from the West Coast!

First, even though I am what feels a solar system away from Missouri, my thoughts (like many others) are on the Ferguson situation a lot. Sending prayers for peace, love and justice and positive thoughts for that community and families involved. It is a topic of conversation even out here.

Wow, how life can change. A couple of short months ago I was working in a middle school counseling office in rural northwest Colorado. Now I work in a penthouse for a media company in downtown San Francisco. Phew. It is quite overwhelming.

For those who haven’t heard, here are some updates on my life:

  • After two years in Colorado (mainly Steamboat), I have relocated to Berkeley, Calif. 
  • I am writing for C-Change Media. It is the small operation behind the websites Poets & Quants and Tipping the Scales.
  • Anyone in and around the Bay Area hit me up! Seriously. This isn’t a “hit me up sometime but I don’t actually have time or want to meet up” pleasantry. This is a “I don’t know anyone outside of my roommates and am desperate for old or new connections” plead. 

As to be expected, it has been a culture shock and shift from my comfortable Steamboat life. Here are the biggest differences I have noticed from Steamboat to Berkeley in the six (five?) days I have lived here:

  • Rustling in the bushes is usually a person instead of some sort of animal.
  • Cyclists do not wave to other cyclists. Except for me. Starting the revolution of friendly cyclists!
  • There are more different types of restaurants from different countries in Berkeley than total restaurants in Steamboat.
  • A “powder day” seems to mean something different here.
  • I don’t think the weather changes here. Ever. 

More “normal” posts to come soon as I get settled and set in my “big kid” job (career). Gah. Also would like to acknowledge my great appreciation and thankfulness to those who have sent prayers and positive thoughts and have shown support and encouragement. 


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