Running the Risk…

I would like to run here. It would be nice. And soft on my 25-year-old joints.

I would like to run here. It would be nice. And soft on my 25-year-old joints.

Yesterday, about 10 minutes before I normally leave for my run, it started dumping. Hard. Huge, wet snowflakes mixed with rain. And the wind was blowing what looked like 358,956 miles per hour. To say it was not appealing for a run would be a gross understatement. I happened to check Facebook and saw a friend’s profile picture. This picture was of another runner who passed away too young. It reminded me of him and a college teammate of mine who also passed away way too soon.

What were their last runs like? This thought was more than enough to get me to lace up my shoes and trudge out into one of the most insane runs of my life (weather-wise). It was also one of the most gorgeous runs of my life. Let me tell you why. It hurt. It was tough. It was mentally draining. It was cold. It was uncomfortable. I could go into the million reasons why I adore running but what it comes down to is I love the discomfort. I love the challenge. I love the hurt. Because it makes me a tougher, humble and hungry runner. The discomfort experienced by a runner is a cause of fatigued muscles. The heart, the legs, the arms, the core. It is a breaking down of muscle fibers so they grow back stronger.

Discomfort is what produces growth in my life. Discomfort is what makes me move. The biggest time of growth in my life – spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally – has been the past 14 months. This has also been the most challenging, tough, uncomfortable, hurtful and gorgeous 14 months of my life. The thing with being comfortable is it feels great (obviously). It is safe, secure and pleasant. It can also trick us into settling. Or keep us from moving. Or from growing.

A quote from my first post has been one of my guiding lights for the past year.

“Always do what you are afraid to do.” – Emerson

This is a sure way to make me uncomfortable. Obviously this can lead to some sketch situations, but no matter what, it creates a story. And the majority of those stories have been meaningful. However, for me, there is a certain Trust and Belief in all things working out for the best. More to come about this in a future post.

What are you afraid to do? What makes you uncomfortable? What area in your life feels incomplete? What risk are you not taking?

For me the answers are: I am afraid to commit to one person but I am also afraid of loneliness. I am also terrified of living a life that doesn’t matter or isn’t fulfilling in the right ways or truly connecting with those closest to me. Conflict makes me uncomfortable. I like everyone to be content and peaceful. I feel incomplete in almost every area of my life. The biggest risk I am not taking is allowing myself to get super close to some people. Or perhaps being vulnerable.

What are your answers? What are you going to do about them?

Let’s get uncomfortable. Let’s take some risks. Let’s live big lives. With gorgeous  stories.


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